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Why do we have so many paper documents in 2022 - Elon Musk

Start graphic designless

No Styles
No Layout
No Screen-Sizes

Unlike wireframing, eliminate 2D layout thinking from the drafting process. In 1D, simply drop the elements your users need to interact with.

Software engineering a user interface (UI) for a batch record

Autogenerate a Functional Prototype

Automatically, experience your ideas with tangible usability feedback.

Pre‑Graphic Design Prototype ready to layout.
In the studio, when we are told an idea, the way you and I imagine it are completely different. - Rick Rubin

Explore Alternatives

Try ideas faster than setting up a meeting to discuss if they are worth trying out.

Experiment with:

Explore Alternatives UI Redesign

Computed Forms
Dynamic Forms
Chained Choice Groups
Page Navigation
UI Search
Button Actions

HTTP Requests
Connect your own backend
database system.
Create complex formulas.
CSS Editor
Customize the style and layout.
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